Members and Officers

Andersen, Diana
Bezanson, Carl 
Bickerton, John, Treasurer
Card, Heather, Vice President
Corkum, Harley, Sgt-At-Arms
Corkum, Ron,  Founding , Charter  and  Honorary Life  Mbr
Deadder, Roy 
Gordon, Muriel 
Hawley. Francis ,  Past President and Webmaster
Kaulback, Jack, Charter Member 
Knowlton, Art  
Latter, Lowa,, Music Committee 
Mack,  Kaye
Marshall, Rik
McIsaac,Margie   President   and Telephone Commitee
Millette, Mary Beth Telephone Committee
Morine, Bill,  Founding,Charter, Honorary Life Member
Phinney, Malcolm,  Honorary Member
Pierce, Mark
Ross, Keith,  Charter Mbr and Music Committee Chair
Roast, Marshall
Rowlands, Karen,  Secretary
Spinney, Eugene,  Telephone Committee
Tupper, Bill,  Charter Member
Turner, Lewis 
Wood,  Elsie
Wood, Gerald
Woodworth, Faith,  Music Com and  Telephone  Com
Woodworth, Robie, 
Yorke, Shirley, Music Com